The idea of building a greenhouse may sound a little too complicated, but you should know that if you decided to make one of your own, you can manage to build it with little effort. All you need to do is a little research on what this project involves and that’s why this article will detail the steps you have to take in order to build a greenhouse. With a little time and hard work, you can achieve a durable and functional greenhouse.

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The purpose of a greenhouse is that it produces a microclimate that allows plants to grow inside. Because of this, it’s very important to get the maximum sunlight. You should know that plants prefer morning sunlight therefore, the best location for your greenhouse is the south side of your garden. Nevertheless, it’s even better if you have the possibility to place the construction so that it can get sunlight all day. Keep in mind that during the winter days, the sun usually has a lower angle, so try to find out the best location. Also, don’t place the construction near evergreen trees and be sure that the location you choose has access to electricity. Last but not least, pick a well-drained area so that you won’t have excess rainwater.

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There are several types of greenhouses. Many of them are attached to the house or other buildings and they usually involve little costs for construction. These structures may be window-mounted (attached to the house), even-span (full-size structures with more space for growing plants) and lean-to (half-greenhouse, easy to build and very inexpensive). Of course, there are also freestanding structures which can be placed anywhere you like, but they cost more money than the others.


The next step is to decide the type of foundation you want, but there’s also the option of including no foundation at all. In case you want a foundation, you should know that they’re usually made of wood, gravel or cement or you can even find brick foundations. Furthermore, you may choose the material for covering your foundation such as linoleum, tile or carpet. Also, you can install a floor heating system that will be more comfortable during the winter. The decision is up to you.

How to Build a Greenhouse Picture


Another important aspect when building a greenhouse. Since a greenhouse consists mostly of the frame, you have to choose it carefully. Usually, the frames can be made of wood, aluminium or steel, but recently there are many made of plastic. No matter what frame you want for your greenhouse, you should know that there are several types of frames to choose from such as Quonset, Gothic, Rigid-frame or A-frame.


Often, the type of covering depends on the type of frame. Most people use glass covering, but it’s very breakable and it may be difficult to install it by yourself. Another popular option is the film-plastic coverings due to the low cost and the fact that they can be easily installed. You can also choose coverings like fibreglass or double-wall plastic.

Heating, Ventilation, and Watering

The final aspects you need to think about are the heating, ventilation, and watering. The type of heating depends on the type of plants, and you can choose a solar heater, electricity, gas, oil, or wood. Concerning the ventilation, you may want to purchase a ventilation system so that your greenhouse has a good air circulation. It may be a natural ventilation or a mechanical one, it depends on what you want. The watering supply is also important for your greenhouse and you have two options, hand watering or an automated watering system that takes care of plants even if you are not at home.