Everybody loves roses because they are some of the most beautiful flowers that you can plant in your backyard. These flagrant flowers don’t actually require a lot of care. We have gathered for you some easy steps that you must follow for growing roses which will add color and happiness to your home.
How to Grow Roses in 5 Easy Steps

Choose the roses

It’s very important to know what type of roses will grow in your region because it’s possible to choose some roses which are not suitable for your soil. There are plenty of roses which can be planted in your garden such as Floribunda, Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora and many others. Some colorful roses with different sizes and shapes can add flavor to your garden. If you want to bring something new to your garden, you can opt for a tree rose. These roses are visually stunning and you must take more care of them to survive through the cold season.
How to Grow Roses in 5 Easy Steps

Micronutrients fertilizer

Whether you want to plant container roses or bare root, you need to plant them into the ground but it is very important to choose the right fertilizer for each type of roses. For example, if you choose bare-root roses, you should know that these roses are not coming with flowers on them. It’s recommended to plant them at the right time if you want them to grow faster. On the other hand, if you opt for container-grown roses, you should know that these have flowers and they will look more beautiful when you will plant them in the garden.
How to Grow Roses in 5 Easy Steps3

Choose your planting area

It’s important to plant your roses in the right place. You should find a place in your garden where there is sunlight every day, especially in the morning. Try to plant them near a wall or a fence. They must be in a particularly windy area protected from the hottest sun. You must do The same thing in the cold climates. The roses must have their own wall to protect them from getting too cold. Moreover, it’s recommended to drain your soil. Add some organic materials such as shredded bark or compost which will help you get the right consistency.

Prepare the materials

Before you start planting the roses you should prepare all you need for this activity. Everything you need must be in order such as fertilizer, a spade, a filled watering pot, mulch, some gardening gloves, rose planting mix and pruning shears.
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Plant the roses

Firstly, you should dig a hole which must be bigger than the plant and mix some compost with the soil. You should know that if you are planting in a colder climate, the bud union should be about a few inches below ground level and the roots must be entirely covered. Keep the stem out of the ground. If it’s a warmer climate, the bud union of the rose should be just above the level of the ground. After you fill the hole with the mixture, you must shovel the soil with your hands and fill the hole with water.