One of the best home additions you could opt for is the swimming pool because it not only provides endless entertainment ways but it also increases the value of your home. Before you start building a backyard pool, you must know that there are some costs involved in both building and maintaining it, as well as some serious work. However, the following tips will help you reduce the investment and the effort so you will only enjoy the best of your home swimming pool.
Tips for Building and Maintaining a Backyard Pool Picture

Choose a medium size

Considering that you will want to build a pool for your family and not an Olympic pool, don’t make it too big because the building and the maintaining costs will automatically grow. Most rectangular pools have one side twice as big as the other, usually 10′ x 20′, 15′ x 30′ or 20′ x 40′ and an average depth of 5.5 feet.

Site the pool

Where you place the pool has an essential part in making it convenient and enjoyable. The place must be shiny most of the day so you will get a nice tan, it should be away from the breeze, and it should be high-lying so the pool won’t get filled with mud and dirt in case it snows. Also, do your best to place it within view of the house so you will always have eye contact with whoever is swimming in the pool.
Tips for Building and Maintaining a Backyard Pool Picture

Hire a contractor

Building a backyard pool is not the time for you to play contractor because this process involves plenty of work from excavating to grading the ground to plumbing and electricity. Every step must be made by a professional who know exactly what a pool needs in order to be fully functional. It will require accessories like cleaning filters and water pumps so you’d better ask for the help of an authorized person.

Build in off-season

Pools cost more during peak season when the demands are high so you might want to consider building it in the off-season. You could get a significant discount from the contractor when the business is low so your pool will turn out to be a real deal.
Tips for Building and Maintaining a Backyard Pool Picture

Ensure regular pool maintenance

Once the pool is ready and set, it will require regular maintenance because it will get dirty at some point and you will have to keep it clean. At your local pool supply store, you will find various cleaning substances like algaecide, chlorine, and pH tests that will ensure your backyard pool stays clean.

To get rid of debris and other pool contaminants invest in the best automatic pool cleaner that will do all the hard work in removing dirt and debris from your pool. These devices can clean any type of pool, provided that you choose one with a cable long enough to handle the length of your pool. The best automatic pool cleaner should be easy to use and it should have a low operating costs, somewhere around 5 cents per hour. If should also come with programmable options so that you can have full control over the cleaning cycles.