With the arrival of winter, the gardening efforts stop because of the gutsy winds and swirling snow. But the landscape transforms into a marvelous scene due to the white blanket that covers the lawn, the plants, and the trees. With the right decorations in place, you can make your garden a winter wonderland that you can admire throughout the cold season. If you want to get some great ideas for winter garden decorations, continue to read this article.
Winter Garden Decoration Ideas Picture

Colorful twigs

When winter comes, everything in your garden gets covered by a white blanket of snow. Give life to your garden by adding redtwig dogwood. The redtwig dogwood will sparkle with its red bark, keeping focus on the beautiful contrast between white and red. To keep the redtwig dogwood in top form, prune away one-third of the canes each year. Make sure that you select the old canes when you prune because the young canes have the most intense coloration.

Create a winter wonderland in containers

Another great decorative addition for your garden when winter comes is to create winter wonderlands in containers that you place around the garden. Use colorful twigs, dried perennials, and evergreen springs for this decoration piece. Fill the containers two-thirds full of sand to support the plants during winter. Sink the twigs, the perennials, and the springs into the sand, and your winter wonderland is finished and ready to be displayed.

Pretty pedestals

During winter, the birdbath becomes useless. Fortunately, you can transform it into a pretty winter garden decoration if you make some changes. The birdbath can become a wintertime focal point in your garden if you simply add evergreen bows and a massive red ornament. These additions will make the once-forlorn birdbath come to life again.

Evergreen joy

Make a point to add several evergreen plants throughout the garden in order to have a beautiful winter landscape. Trees and shrubs with evergreen foliage look stunning during winter. They add valuable texture to the landscape. The best evergreen plants to go with are white pine and ivy trees. Therefore, don’t skip on them if you want to have a stunning winter garden.